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UK student loans are complicated. You may have questions like,

  • How long until I pay off my loan?

  • How much do I have to pay a month?

  • Should I pay off my student loan early?

This calculator will help you answer these questions and give advice on how to manage your loan.
You can still use this calculator to see how to manage your loan. Enter what your loan is expected to be and how much you expect to earn.

Just keep the following inputs constant,

  • Year loan was first taken: 2018

  • Year repayment started: 2019

  • Repayments made using PAYE (Advanced Options): No
Moneysavingexpert have a calculator which will estimate your loan size, follow this link.
Log in to your account on the Student Loans Company website to find out your loan balance
Select the country you live and work in:

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Fill in the details relevant to your student loan and we´ll generate a summary of your loan!

Key information about your ... loan

Estimated loan as of this month ...

Monthly mandatory repayments ...

Time until loan is payed off ...

Time until your loan is written off ...

Adjust inputs

How much should you spend on additional repayments?

The only part of the student loan you have control over are the additional repayments.

Additional repayments are voluntary repayments you can make on top of your mandatory repayments. These repayments can be either monthly recurring or a one-off bulk repayment.

Disclaimer: These results have some estimation error. Take care when making decisions based on these results. Wyse Owl Partners are not a financial advisory service and do not explicity recommend any actions regarding the management of your student loan.

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