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Input values

Student Loan Balance

To view your student loan balance, log on to the student loans repayment website here. Alternatively, enter an approximate amount.

Location of Home Address

Enter the country within the UK in which you had your registered home address when you applied for your student loan. If you're from outside the UK, select the country which your university is in.

Year repayments start

If you're required to enter the year your repayments started, select the year corresponding to the April after you finished the course.

PAYE (Pay As You Earn)

If your mandatory repayments are taken directly from your paycheck, select "Yes". If you pay by other means, please choose "No".

Gross Earnings

This is what you earn before tax is taken from your wage.

Additional Monthly Repayments

These are monthly repayments that you make in addition to your mandatory ones. They are voluntary and should be made if you want to pay your loan off quicker.

Country of Employment

This is the country the Student Loans Company has you registered working at. If in doubt, select United Kingdom.

General Terms

Mandatory Repayments

Mandatory repayments are those you are required to pay. They are usually taken from your paycheck. If they are not taken directly from your paycheck, you will be required to make contributions by direct debit or other payment options.

One time repayments

These are one off repayments that you can make. In reality you can make these payments whenever, but if you enter an amount in this calculator, we assume you pay it instantly.