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Here's some historical data

Interest Rates

If you earn less than the lower earnings threshold, your loan will have the minimum interest applied to it (hurray!).

If you earn more than the upper earnings threshold, your loan will have the maximum interest rate applied to it.

If you earn between the lower and upper earnings thresholds, your loan will have an interest rate between the minimum and maximum applied to it.

Repayment Thresholds (Annual Salary)

The lower earnings threshold is the amount at which you start repaying your loan and also coincides with the minimum interest rate.

The interest increases up until a maximum once you earn the upper earning threshold, at which it stops increasing.

Overseas Thresholds

You can find the current repayment thresholds for other countries here:

We don't have the historical repayment thresholds yet but we're working on it!

Want more historical data?

We've only included data from 2012 onwards in our plots. If you want to see earlier interest rates and repayment thresholds, you can find them here.